Invincible Summer

by NJG

Monday, August 25, 2014

Igor, tumblr, & Web Woes

My website is down right now. 
As we are fixing it, or trying to figure out how to reach my Moldova-based web-host, I am putting things up on tumblr. 
Check it out!
In the meantime, here is a drawing of me as Igor, and an illustration I did of someone's Young Frankenstein review for Vermont's weekly paper, 7 Days. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

We won a Lambda!!!

Shown with my corgi god-daughter, Lu.
Hello friends,
Good news! "Calling Dr. Laura" won a Lambda Literary Award!!!
I am over the moon about it, and also full of gratitude.

In other news, I will be doing a reading on August 8th here in Portland with A.K. Summers of "Pregnant Butch" fame. If you have not read her book, I highly recommend you do.
We will be reading at the Independent Publishing Resource Center.

Take care,

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Leaving Vermont, Busy Summer!

Is Ponyo sad or distracted here? We are both sad!
1. Oh geez, everybody. It is the end of the school-year in Vermont, which means I am leaving the Center for Cartoon Studies, and headed back West. It also means that I am leaving the Vice President of NJG Inc, beloved intern and sometimes-blogger Mathew New!
Mathew was my head of Millennial Services, including Tumblr maintenance, zine construction, post-production, Ponyo-rearing, order packing and mailing list mastery. It was a true pleasure working with him, AND if you are ever looking to hire someone as a story-boarder, cartoonist, all-around great human being or most subtle jokester, I do recommend you hire him for your cartoon or organization! 
(c) Mathew New, 2014
Find the real Ponyo in this picture
 2. In other news, I just finished this giant sign for Townshend's Tea. They will be opening a new spot on Mississippi Street for your kombucha and bubble tea needs.
Photo by Pablo de O Campo
3. Calling Dr. Laura was spotted in the Detroit Airport! If you are in Detroit and need something to make the flight a little heavier, may I suggest this 2.5 lb masterpiece?

4. Calling Dr. Laura won Best Graphic Novel at the Bookbuilders of Boston Book Show! 

5. I will be in Portland this week for Portland Community College's Art Beat Festival. I am the featured 2014 artist, and will be giving talks at their Sylvania, Rock Creek, and Cascadia campuses. See the side bar for dates.

6. I debuted a new mini-comic at MoCCA, but it was a limited run, short and unedited edition, so there are not more! BUT! I'll try to debut it again, in a true (more than 20 copies available) run at CAKE this June. ALSO at CAKE, I have a 21 page comic that will debut in an anthology called Maple Key.

7. I just gave a talk at Dartmouth College for their Comics Club. There was pie, and it was lovely.

7. SAD NEWS: Clutch McBastard and I are taking the year off from doing a May diary comic. It's the first time in 12 years, I believe. Apologies!!!

8. There are SO MANY DATES listed on the side-bar. Please make a note of them!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

An Advice Comic Up on Bitch!

Greetings, Earth friends!

I wrote a lengthy comic response to a person inquiring about how to combat sexism at her service job. You can find it here.

A big thank you to friends Natalie and Matilda, who lent me their advice for this piece!


Friday, March 14, 2014

Ponyo & I visit the library with our book, "Tell It Like It Tiz"!

Shello! In January, my collaborator Marc Parker and I drove to Olympia, Washington, and told people at the Olympia Timberland Library about our senior citizen zine-turned-book, "Tell It Like It Tiz". I brought my dog, Ponyo, who is also a friend to the participants of our project. Here are some photos:

Would you like us to visit your school, club, or library?
We love to share the community art project wealth. 
Send me a cool email here

And lo! I am going to be featured in an art show that is happening RIGHT NOW in Chicago, Illinois! ChiCOLDgo! Anyway, if you go there, you can buy some cool xeroxed prints for the low low price of $10. And that is no lie. So check it out!

Have a nice weekend, and I'll see you at MoCCA!!!


Xerox Art Show! In Chicago!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Lambda Awards, Advice Column on Bitch, PCC Art Beat, and Convention Dates

Hey there readers! Nicole's intern here. Let me tell you, things are just a frenzy at NJG Inc.*

First up! Nicole's book Calling Dr. Laura has been nominated for a Lambda Award! Now in its 26th year, Labmda Literary honors excellence in LGBT literature. Nicole could not be more excited and honored to be nominated!

                                                                                                     Look at that seal! Prestige!

Second up! Nicole has joined the ranks of the Ms. Opinionated advice blog over at Bitch Magazine. Check it out! 

Oh, hey, while you're checking things out! If you hadn't already heard, Nicole has tapped into her inner-millennial and finally hopped on the Tumblr band-wagon! That's right, you can now follow Nicole from the comfort of your dashboard, it's never been easier.

And as if things weren't heating up enough already, Spring is on its way! The snow is melting, the grey clouds are floating away or whatever, and that means *convention season* is almost here!

Nicole will also be this year's Portland Community College Art Beat Featured Artist! Whoa! More info coming 

In honor of all this craziness, there's a sale going on at Nicole's Etsy! Calendars are only $5 and copies of Tell It Like It Tiz are only $10! Get on those deals, they'll only be around until next Wednesday!

* NJG Inc. consists of Nicole Georges and two unpaid interns, one of which is a dog.